Israeli Food Blog Initiates Popular ‘National Soup Day’

By nocamels January 08, 2011 Comments

On December 21st, national “Soup Day” in Israel, thousands of bowls of soup were donated in restaurants all across the country in a value of 55,000 Shekels which will help fund 11,000 meals for people in need.

The money that was raised on Soup Day 2010 will help “LaSova” organization with the funding of meals which are served on a daily basis to families in need who get their meals in the organization institutes.

Soup Day was an initiative of the Israeli food site “Beigale” (meaning bagel in Yiddish) run by Naama Peled and Dori Kalifa, who invited the public to eat soup in the restaurants participating in the project, and transferred the money from the soup selling income which was donated entirely to “LaSova” organization.

The success of the project was due to the helping and contribution of many restaurant owners, home soup makers, chefs, bloggers, facebook, radio and television, “Yes” cable company, “Achol & Chateau” website and many more volunteers.  Many private people made an effort, took part and prepared many kinds of soups in their homes and transferred all incomes to the organization.

Attorney Gilad Harish, chairman of “LaSova” oragnisation says that “Soup Day” has really raised the public’s attention to “LaSova”‘s public institutes: 3 day care centers for the homeless, 19 youth housings for supplementary education for children and youth at risk from distressed families, and 3 “Lasova” restaurants.

Due to “Soup Day’s” success, “Beigale” website decided to make the event a tradition, and it will take place every year on the same date.

To read the full story in hebrew click here
Article translated by Liat Biron
by .j.e.n.n.y.

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