Mobile Phones Increase The Risk of Gland Cancer, Report Says

By Translation by Maya Rizel January 18, 2011 Comments

Researches from Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem found a possible connection between the significant increase in Salivary Gland cancer and use of cellular phones.

The researchers analyzed the data of Salivary Gland cancer, called Parotis, collected by the Israeli cancer registry in the ministry of health between the years 1970-2006. They found a fourfold increase in Parotid cancer incidence from 16 to 64 per year, while the incidence of the other Salivary Gland cancers remind stable. The Parotid gland is nearest to the cheek, close to where most people hold the cellular-phones.

Another research in Israel by the Gertner institute at the Shiba Medical Center also found a connection between t Parotid cancer to use of cellular-phones. This study was part of an international study, called Interphone, to date the largest study dealing with the consequences of using cellular-phones on human health.

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Translation by Maya Rizel
Photo by Okko Pyykko

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