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NoCamels.com is the leading news website covering breakthrough innovation from Israel for a global audience.  We cover the most cutting-edge Israeli innovations, startups and research in the fields of technology, medicine, design and the environment.


Israel has the highest concentration of startups and research and development centers per capita in the world and the NoCamels team travels across the country to report on these fascinating inventions, as well as the people who stand behind them.


Based at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, NoCamels is a non-profit academic endeavor sponsored by the Asper Foundation. The site brings together talented young student journalists from the IDC, with those from partner universities around the world, and provides them with professional training and instruction.


At NoCamels, we believe in drawing attention to innovative solutions, not just the challenges that so often make today’s news headlines. Every day we receive messages from readers around the globe who discovered a cure, a solution or just some general inspiration on NoCamels.com.


We have witnessed first-hand how objective and accurate reporting on these exciting innovations can cross boundaries, religions and even conflicts. That is why we continue to be dedicated to the utmost standards of journalism.


We hope to inspire young journalists around the world to create similar sites covering their countries’ innovations and solutions to global challenges.


Please spread any story that inspires you, and feel free to contact us for approval to use our articles, sources, images and with any questions.


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The NoCamels Team


If you would like to know why we are called “NoCamels”, read “Why NoCamels


The NoCamels Team

Dr. Noam Lemelshtrich Latar – Co-Founder and Chairman

Anouk Lorie – Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Einat Paz-Frankel – Managing Editor

Yonatan Sredni – Contributing Editor

Hoff Reshef – Interactive Director

Yuval Haimovits – Founding Interactive Director

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For content queries and suggestions as well as permission to use our content and images, please contact content@nocamels.com

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Contributors (past & present)

Adam Van Heerden

Alexandra Mann

Alice Menichelli

Avner Meyrav

Aya Ephrati

Daniel Arom

Daniel Asper

Dyana So

Einat Paz-Frankel

Elana Widmann

Erik Sahlin

Eunice Lim

Gal Ronena

Irit Livne

Johanna Weiss

Jonathan Revach

Jordana Wolf

Laura London

Lauren Blanchard

Maya Yarowsky

Merav Turel

Michael Lefkoe

Miles Rosenblatt

Miriam Young

Noalee Harel

Paul Sanchez Keighley

Rachel Dinh

Roi Mitteiler

Roseanne Tabachnik

Sean Sade

Shiri Wasserman

Sophie Imas

Tal Sandler

Tara Lifland

Tiffany Stelman

Yonatan Sredni

Yuk Lun Chan

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