Israeli Startup Behind Voting For Time 100 List Poll

By NoCamels Team April 02, 2018 Comments

apesterApril 2, 2018 | Israeli startup Apester has partnered with media publisher Time Inc. for the second year in a row to poll readers about who they think should be in the TIME 100 list highlighting the most influential people in the world, Time Inc announced on its site.The Tel Aviv-based startup provides publishers with tools to  create, embed, and share interactive content in posts and articles. Time polls its readers using a new Apester story format launched in February. This format is a gallery of slides with interactive buttons where people can click their choice. According to Times of Israel, Apester says its story format “is only available to news and commercial websites. Voting for Time’s poll began on March  28 and will end on April 17 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Time will announce who made their Time 100 list in five categories (pioneers, artists, leaders, titans, and icons) on April 19.

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