Israel’s Zebra Medical Announces New Al-Based Algorithm To Detect Brain Bleeds

By NoCamels Team March 05, 2018 Comments

March 5, 2018 | Israeli medical imaging startup Zebra Medical Vision announced that it has received CE regulatory approval for its newest algorithm to detect cranial hemorrhaging of different kinds. It is the newest addition to the company’s existing 11 artificial intelligence-based algorithms that can detect diseases such as breast cancer,  vertebral fractures, emphysema, osteoporosis, fatty liver, and aneurysms. The algorithms are trained to identify the visual symptoms for a different disease by using thousands of medical scans that had already been diagnosed and labeled, and, when fed a new medical scan, can recognize visual cues that indicate whether the disease is present. In October, the Tel Aviv-based startup announced that in order to make its service, called the AI1 or All-in-1 Imaging Analytics Package, more available by offering access to hospitals and medical professionals for $1 per scan, and later partnered with Google to provide its sophisticated algorithms on Google Cloud. The new algorithm broadens Zebra’s AI1 package, which according to a press release, has already analyzed more than 1 million scans across the world. Zebra Medical Vision co-founder and CEO Elad Benjamin said the company was “excited to announce our first acute care algorithm with the potential to help radiologists better manage their workload, and properly prioritize urgent cases over others.” Benjamin said that over the next few months, Zebra plans to release “several more high impact algorithms on our path to provide a versatile AI based automated radiology assistant.”

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