‘Vegan Capital’ Of Tel Aviv Hosts 5th Annual Vegan Congress

By NoCamels Team March 04, 2018 Comments

vegan congressMarch 4, 2018 | Tel Aviv will be hosting the fifth annual Vegan Congress this week from March 8 to 9. Since 2014, Vegan Friendly Israel, a non-profit organization working to make the vegan lifestyle more accessible to Israelis, has put together lectures by local and international vegan activists for the event. This year’s international speakers include Australia’s James Aspey, who kept silent for a year to raise awareness on animal cruelty, author, and international activist Nick Cooney, former president of Mercy For Animals, and Joey Carbstrong, a celebrity vegan activist from Australia with thousands of followers on YouTube and Instagram. This year’s Vegan Congress is expected to have at least 1,500 participants, similar to last year’s event. Israel has become a popular destination for vegans due to numerous vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, especially in Tel Aviv, which is home to 400 vegan and vegan-friendly kitchens. Late last year, the city was crowned “vegan capital of the world” by British online newspaper The Independent.

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