Israel’s SoluBest To Develop Medical Cannabis Products With Canadian Firm

By NoCamels Team January 11, 2018 Comments

solubestJanuary 11, 2018 | Israel-based pharma solutions company SoluBest has signed a Service Agreement with Pivot Pharmaceuticals’ medical cannabis products division Pivot Green Stream Health Solutions (PGS) to develop bio-cannabis products, according to a statement in Nasdaq GlobeNewswire. Two doctors from Thrudermic, a company that Pivot has announced through a letter of intent that it will acquire, lead the development of Pivot’s cannabis programs at SoluBest and use SoluBest’s cutting-edge lab facility, which is located near Weizmann Institute of Science south of Tel Aviv. According to Pivot Pharmaceuticals’ CEO Dr. Patrick Frankham, Pivot will be able to introduce several bio-cannabis products into the market in 2018, thanks to the opportunity of being able to use the SoluBest lab. Founded in 2001, SoluBest has developed a technological platform to solve the issue of drug insolubility in the pharma industry.

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