How You Can See More Of NoCamels In Your Newsfeed Despite Facebook’s Changes

By NoCamels Team January 14, 2018 Comments

Facebook recently implemented major changes in how posts from news and content publishers appear on newsfeeds. In a status on January 12, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media giant would be changing its algorithm to focus more on users’ personal moments and their personal connections and much less on updates from media outlets, businesses, and brands

While we support the more personal aspect of Facebook, we do want to make sure our readers and followers continue to see NoCamels’ coverage of the most cutting-edge Israeli innovations, startups, research and collaborations in the fields of technology, medicine, design and the environment

Here are some easy ways to see more of NoCamels on Facebook, and other social media channels:

See first

In just a few clicks on Facebook, you can continue seeing NoCamels’ posts at the top of your newsfeed (along with pictures of your friends’ lunches, snaps of their cute kids, their humble brag statuses, and old posts where you referred to yourself in the third person.)

First, visit NoCamels’ Facebook page. Next, click “Follow.”

After you have made sure you are “following” us, click again for a drop-down menu and select “See First”


This will ensure that you will see NoCamels in your newsfeed as the posts are published.

If you value our coverage, taking these few seconds to click on Facebook will have our updates in your newsfeed in no time.


Since Facebook’s goal is to promote connections between people, the social media network is increasing the visibility of posts in your friends circle. That means they want users to take an active role in tagging others, engaging in the comments sections, and of course, sharing posts.


At NoCamels, we want everyone to know about the amazing developments in the Israeli tech ecosystem and the groundbreaking innovations that can change the world.  If one of our articles has made an impact on you, let your friends know.

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If you happen to miss our articles and updates on Facebook, or simply don’t care much for Facebook to begin with, there are a few other ways to follow NoCamels on social media.

Simply head over to our Twitter and/or Instagram pages for updates.

And subscribe to our newsletter. Every Thursday, you’ll get a weekly round-up of our selected top stories in your inbox, for free.

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