Auto Firm Delphi Walks Back Plans For Israel Office

By NoCamels Team January 17, 2018 Comments

aaptivJanuary 17, 2018 | Automotive tech company Delphi Automotive has reportedly shut down its office in Israel, less than a month after opening, according to a report in Haaretz. The UK-based automotive giant had announced in November that it planned to set up shop in Israel in order to identify opportunities for partnership with Israeli startups. In December 2017, the company decided to split, forming Aptiv, the former Delphi Automotive and another company, Delphi Technologies, a powertrain division supplying parts and technologies for internal-combustion engines. The company made the split, in part, to focus on electric vehicles and the self-driving industry, for which reports say it is an important contender. After the separation, company leaders decided there was no need for an Israeli office, Haaretz reports. Delphi denies ever opening an Israeli office, saying in a statement, “We chose to put planning the office on hold during our transition with launching Aptiv, which was completed only in early December. We remain committed to continuing our investments in Israel, which we see as a main source of technology and growth in capabilities.”

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