Sirin Labs Raises Over $157M In ICO For Blockchain Phone, PC

By NoCamels Team December 31, 2017 Comments

Sirin Labs logoDecember 31, 2017 | Sirin Labs, the Israeli-founded, Switzerland-based blockchain firm known for developing a $17,000 secure smartphone for high-end clients — and signing Leo Messi as a brand ambassador — said it wrapped up its crowdsale for the SRN token, Sirin’s cryptocurrency, raising over US $157,800,000. The initial coin offering was launched on December 12 for Sirin Labs’ new project — a blockchain-secured, open-source phone and PC called FINNEY.  The devices, built on an in-house operating system, SirinOS,  and supported by SRN, are set to feature crypto-wallets, a secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps, Sirin Labs said. The ICO ended on December 26 and Sirin Labs launched a pre-order of the FINNEY Smartphone for a downpayment of 50 SRN on December 28. The phone and PC have target pricess of $999 and $799, respectively on Sirin Labs’ website. CEO and co-founder of Sirin Labs, Moshe Hogeg said in a statement that the company was “both humbled and thrilled by the support that FINNEY™ has received during the course of our crowdsale. Becoming the 4th largest crowdsale of the year shows both the need in the market, and usefulness of having devices that can support and secure cryptocurrencies. It really is the first step in bringing blockchain technology to a more mainstream audience.”

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