Mobileye Co-Founder Among ‘Recode 100’ List Of Innovators

By NoCamels Team December 07, 2017 Comments

mobileye-logoDecember 7, 2017 |Professor Amnon Shashua, the co-founder of the Israeli company Mobileye, a major player in the autonomous car industry which developed sensors for self-driving cars, and sold to Intel last year for over $15.3 billion, was named among 100 leaders in tech, business, and media “who mattered in 2017” on the first annual “The Recode 100” list. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos topped the list and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook and Elon Musk were among the top 10. Shashua came in at number 41, tied with Karl Iagnemma, a co-founder of nuTonomy, a self-driving startup. Shashua was named for recently proffering “one of the first mathematical models for safety standards for autonomous vehicles,” said Recode, a tech news site owned by Vox Media. Shashua founded Mobileye with Ziv Aviram in 1999 in Jerusalem. Mobileye was known for developing a warning system that alerts drivers of road hazards using software, cameras, and sensors. Since the acquisition, Shashua was named senior vice president at Intel Corporation, and serves as CEO and CTO of Mobileye, which maintains operations in Jerusalem.

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