Israeli Car Sensor Startup Raises $5.1M

By NoCamels Team December 05, 2017 Comments

guardian colorDecember 5, 2017 | Israeli car sensor company Guardian Optical Technologies has completed a $5.1 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Mirai Creation Fund, a subsidiary of Asian equity management company SPARX Group and Maniv Mobility, an Israeli auto and mobility-focused venture capital fund. Mirai Creation Fund, an investor in automotive giant Toyota, is investing in an Israeli company for the first time, according to a statement from Guardian. The Tel Aviv-based company, which develops sensors that will monitor a car’s interior, says it wants to invest the funding in research and development for its new automatic sensor system. The system combines video image recognition, in-depth mapping, motion detection. A statement from the company says according to their estimations, the senor could save car manufacturers as much as $200 million every year. Founded in 2014 by Gil Dotan and Gideon Carmon, Guardian has developed a 3D sensor that works with seatbelts, airbags and other safety systems to protect drivers and passengers. According to the company, it is also a solution to the problem of babies and pets forgotten in cars.

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