Israel, Italy To Establish Joint Biorobotics Lab

By NoCamels Team November 08, 2017 Comments

MOSTNovember 8, 2017 | Research Italy, the Portal of Italian Research reports that the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) will provide financial backing for the establishment of a joint Israeli-Italian biorobotics laboratory.  Both countries has called to public and private Italian universities and research bodies for proposals to establish a virtual Italian-Israeli lab. Proposals are due by January 4, 2018. The objective for this center is to set up a long-term platform for bilateral cooperation, develop future projects, promote exchange between researchers, and share knowledge and ideas on biorobotics, a field that Research Italy is an area that both countries excel in.  The call for proposals is falls within the framework of the Agreement on Industrial, Scientific and Technological Research and Development Cooperation Between Italy and Israel. MOST will fund the project at about $250,000 over the first three years of activity of the lab. The research teams for both countries will select a project for the establishment of a joint virtual lab. The call for proposals is to universities in collaboration with an Israeli scientific partner.

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