Israeli Startups Raise Over $1 Billion In Q3 2017

By NoCamels Team November 02, 2017 Comments

startup nation central logoNovember 2, 2017 | The Israeli startup ecosystem raised over $1 billion in just over 100 funding rounds in Q3 2017, according to a new study released by Start-Up Nation Central, an Israel-based non-profit that “connects global corporations, NGOs, and governments to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.” The average deal size was valued at just over $15 million, a 93 percent rise compared to the same period last year. Israeli-founded carpooling tech company Via led the charge, raising $250 million in September in a financing round led by car manufacturer Daimler. The Start-Up Nation Central study also found that venture capital firms were most interested in investing in companies at later stages, with less money going to startups at pre-seed or seed stages.

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