Israeli Cyber Firm Signs Deal With UK Bank

By NoCamels Team November 28, 2017 Comments

illusive networks logo November 28, 2017 | The Israeli cybersecurity firm, Illusive Networks, says it signed a deal to provide its platform to a UK specialist bank, OakNorth, Reuters reported. The Tel Aviv-based Illusive Networks uses “deception technology” to trap attackers already in a system by “saturating the environment with deceptive information,” and creating “a distorted reality that the attacker cannot confidently navigate.” OakNorth has fuly hosted its system on the cloud since last year. OakNorth’s information technology director Rui Silva told Reuters that the bank “liked their (Illusive’s) approach of exploiting an attacker’s vulnerabilities by looking at the network from an attacker’s perspective rather than trying to anticipate every weakness of an organization. Illusive founder and CEO Ofer Israeli said at a recent Reuters cyber summit that the company set itself apart by building “a world and reality where the attacker would need to react to us instead of us reacting to him.” The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. Illusive also has operations in New York.

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