94 Israeli Companies Traded on NASDAQ

By NoCamels Team November 15, 2017 Comments

ministry of the economy israelNovember 15, 2017 | Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry Eli Cohen met with entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs of Israeli companies in New York praising their work in the United States. The Ministry of Economy released a statement Wednesday saying 94 Israeli-founded companies are currently traded on the NASDAQ, for a combined worth of $70 billion. The ministry added that exports to the US have also increased and currently stand at $11.6 billion. Cohen said that the fact that “94 companies are traded on the NASDAQ “indicates that Israel is a key player in the innovation and technology field.” Foreign investors understand that Israel is a country with breakthrough innovation, he said, calling on Israeli entrepreneurs in New York to “return home” and keep intellectual property in Israel, citing the intellectual property tax relief approved last December in Israel.

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