Ivy League Universities Use Kaltura

By NoCamels Team October 30, 2017 Comments

 October 30, 2017 | Israeli-based open-source video platform Kaltura has announced that the following US universities: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NY, Stanford, and Michigan will begin using their Live Kaltura livestreaming service as well the platform itself for the transfer of video content. This will enable students and faculty to gain access to content libraries outside their universities. Ron Yekutiel chairman and CEO of Kaltura says this will increase the number of students beyond the university’s physical campus and therefore, increase revenue. The volume is expected to reach 100 million people a year.  On October 23, Kaltura also announced that the University of Queensland is now leveraging their product within the university’s Learning Managing System.  This is in conjuction with Blackboard, a virtual learning environment.  Recently, Kaltura conducted a study that examines the use of a video library while learning.  The survey, which included more than 1,000 participants from universities, showed a 135% increase in the amount of students who chose to study remotely. Kaltura was founded in 2006 by Ron Yekutiel, Eran Etam, Michal Tsur, and Shay David.

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