Israeli JAL Ventures Fund Raises $60M

By NoCamels Team October 24, 2017 Comments
  • jalventuresOctober 24, 2017 | The Israeli-based JAL Ventures, a new venture capital fund launched by brothers Joshua and Amiram Levinberg, has raised $60 million. The money will be invested in companies with a yearly sales turnover of $1 million. It will focus on the B2B technology and security markets. The fund has already made investments with three companies including cyber security company Dome9 Security, tourism data company Fornova, and Ametrine Technologies, a company that has developed a multispectral camouflage technology. JAL Ventures was founded 10 years ago, but this specific fund is served under the Levinberg brothers who founded it with general partners Tal Shaked and Yair Elbaz. The Levinberg brothers are also part of the founding team at Gilat Satellite Networks.




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