Israel’s David’s Sling Wins US Tech Award

By NoCamels Team October 26, 2017 Comments

Rafael Advanced Defense System logoOctober 26, 2017 | Israel’s David’s Sling anti-missile battery system won the prestigious Technology Pioneer Award for ground-breaking achievement at the 2017 Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense conference in Boston on Tuesday. David’s Sling, known as Magic Wand in Hebrew, is designed to intercept incoming missiles with ranges of 40-300 kilometers (25-190 miles). It was developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a leading Israeli defense technology company partly owned by the government which develops and produces defense and military technologies for use by the Israeli military and for foreign export. Rafael served as the contractor for the system, working with the US defense company Raytheon Missile Systems. David’s Sling is the product of a joint effort by the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and the US Missile Defense Agency.

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