Tel Aviv University Ranks 9th In the World For Startup Founders

By No Camels Team September 13, 2017 Comments

TAU, Tel Aviv U., Tel Aviv University September 13, 2017 | Tel Aviv University has been ranked 9th in the world for producing successful startup founders, according to the 2017 PitchBook report. It ranks above American university Yale, Princeton, and UCLA. The PitchBook report says 582 TAU entrepreneurs started 486 companies raising initial capital from investors. Tel Aviv University has ranked in PitchBook’s top 10 for four years and is the only one in the top 10 located outside of the United States. The report ranked Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 14th place and Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 35th place. PitchBook gathers information to provide analysis regarding startups and venture capital for investors. [Photo: tec_estromberg]



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