Israel’s Muvix Brings Innovation To Movie Theaters In Hopes To Revive The Industry

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Einat Paz-Frankel, NoCamels | Sep, 27 2017

Israeli startup Muvix is changing movie theaters as we know them. At its Tel Aviv complex – and at public screenings anywhere clients book them – moviegoers can pick any movie they want, at any time, in any language.

Moviegoing has essentially remained the same for decades, though the quality of films has progressed over the years. With video on demand (VOD) and home streaming services increasingly biting away at the movie theater industry’s revenues by offering fierce competition, it’s time to reimagine the cinema. Just like Netflix changed the way people view content at home, Muvix intends to change the way people consume content when going out.

Through its patented technology and mobile app, the company introduces its clients to a large veracity of possibilities for screening and viewing any content, including movies, television shows, sport events and live concerts, delivering a unique experience.

Want to host a big group of friends for pizza and a movie? Order a Muvix screening room, and leave the mess for them (including those annoying little popcorn crumbs).

movie screening rooms tel aviv - photo by shahaf haber

To enjoy the Muvix experience, viewers are asked to download the Muvix app, which along with the headphones provided on site, allows them to receive a high definition version of the soundtrack, in the language they choose, and in synchronization with the video displayed. The app also allows viewers to order food and drinks during the show, book tickets, and invite friends to watch with them. Tickets start at $6.

Muvix’s complex, designed by Israeli interior designer Alona Eliasi, includes 14 screening spaces, in various sizes, equipped with different screens. One even includes two king-size beds!

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Founded in 2016 by Alon Cohen (founder of Israeli company CyberArk), the startup is currently self-funded, Cohen told NoCamels at the Muvix opening event. It is serving consumers as well as organizations and commercial companies, by enabling on-demand screening of multiple content channels in the same public place, at the same time. According to CEO Nithai Barzam, Muvix’s innovative platform serves as “a smart cinema, screening multiple content channels in the same place, at the same time.”

Screening events can be held at the beach, on rooftops, at the company’s complex in Tel Aviv, or at the client’s place.

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movie screening rooms tel aviv - photo by shahaf haber

The Tel Aviv venue has a bar and a kitchen, and provides a rich menu with various, including alcoholic beverages. Israeli chef Shahar Barnea is in charge of the menu, which includes pizzas, focaccias, hot sandwiches, cheese plates, antipasti, and a variety of snacks such as nachos, nuts, popcorn and ice cream.

Photos: Shahaf Haber for Muvix

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