Optical Comm Co. ColorChip Raises $17M

By NoCamels Team April 06, 2017 Comments

colorchipApril 6, 2017 | Israeli optical communications company ColorChip has raised $17 million led by the CIRTech venture capital fund. This completes a financing round of $37 million began last year when the company announced it had raised $20 million. The funds will help scale up production and support the expansion of marketing worldwide. ColorChip is a privately held Israeli company that provides cost effective, dense, hyper-scale transceivers and advanced optical splitters. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse and Prof. Shlomo Rushin of Tel Aviv University School of Engineering, the Yokneam based company has raised $97 million including $62 million over the past 18 months. ColorChip’s CEO is Gidon Ezra.

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