iPhone Or Android? ‘Eye’ Lets You Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

By Rotem Landesman, NoCamels April 13, 2017 Comments

Although it’s one of the most bizarre mobile phone cases we’ve ever come across, the Israeli-developed Eye case – which combines iPhone and Android interfaces, and can also wirelessly charge your phone – is undoubtedly innovative.

With an iPhone case on one side and what is essentially an Android phone built into the other, Eye lets you enjoy the best of both worlds, especially if you’re the geeky type who can’t decide between the two operating systems.

Developed by Israeli startup Esti, Eye has so far raised $635,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, which will run through Saturday – more than six times its original goal of $95,000.

After establishing the startup just two years ago, Esti’s founder, Jonathan Sabri, is stunned by the current campaign’s success. “Once the big newspapers picked up on our product, the popularity just exploded,” he tells NoCamels.

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Some of Eye’s features, which have been getting rave reviews, include increased memory; infrared technology that allows the device to act as a remote control; two extra SIM card slots for multiple phone numbers; double the battery life of a regular iPhone, according to the company; an advanced AMOLED display; 256gb of expanded storage; and an opportunity for a better selfie with the dual screen display.

“My favorite feature is the wireless charging,” Sabri says. “It just makes life so much easier eliminating all those cables.”

Sabri adds that Eye has something for everyone. “It has so many unique properties that, really, anyone can relate to it, even if they don’t have an extensive background in technology,” he tells NoCamels. “The teenager might be excited about the better-quality selfies, the businessman about the extra space for sim cards, and the geeks about having both the iOS and the Android systems in one device.”

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Is the product a bit bizarre? You bet. Once you insert your iPhone into the case, it basically looks like you’ve given your phone eyes (or in this case a full screen) on the back of its head. With no other products quite like it on the market today, the Eye will surely catch the attention of people passing by, wondering if it’s an iPhone or an Android. You’ll just have to explain that you’ve got the best of both.

Starting at $119, depending on certain features included and your iPhone version, Eye is expected to ship all over the world next month. And yes, the case alone can function as a standalone Android smartphone.

Eye smartphone case by Esti

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