Intel Israel GM Retires After 33 Years

By NoCamels Team December 13, 2016 Comments

intel, intel logo| December 13, 2016 | After a 33-year career, Intel Israel General Manager Maxine Fassberg announced today that she has decided to step down from the post. Yaniv Garty, currently Group General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions at Intel Platform Engineering, has been appointed to replace her. Fassberg’s long career at Intel began in 1983 at the Intel Electronics plant in Jerusalem, as a lithography engineer. She managed the plant in Kiryat Gat (Fab 18) in 2000-2004, and was appointed manager of the new Intel Kiryat Gat plant (Fab 28) in 2006. She was appointed Intel Israel General Manager in June 2007. Garty will officially take up the post of General Manager on January 15, 2017.

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