DayTwo, Mayo Clinic To Bring Gut Microbiome Diet To US Market

By NoCamels Team December 18, 2016 Comments

DayTwo December 18, 2016 |DayTwo, a leader in actionable health solutions based on gut microbiome, is pleased to announce its ongoing collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to bring the DayTwo Personalized Nutrition Solution to early adopters in the US. DayTwo provides actionable health solutions based on gut microbiome aimed at improving health and preventing disease, utilizing the DayTwo Microbiome Platform. Its first product, the DayTwo Personalized Nutrition Solution, is based on groundbreaking research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, led by Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav. The research showed there was no “one size fits all” approach to nutrition, and different people responded differently to the same food. Hence, nutrition guidelines aimed at balancing blood sugar levels must be personally tailored. Founded in 2015 by CEO Lihi Segal and Yuval Ofek, DayTwo is the brainchild of Segal and Elinav. The startup has already received funding from billionaire Marius Nacht, the co-founder of successful Israeli cyber-security firm Check Point. His investment is estimated at a couple of million dollars.

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