Israeli Smart Glass Startup Gauzy Raises $7M

By Yonatan Sredni October 30, 2016 Comments

Gauzy Raises $4M To Turn Any Glass Surface Into A ScreenOctober 30, 2016 | Israeli startup Gauzy, which develops liquid crystals that can double as both glass surfaces and computer screens, has completed a funding round of $7 million. The company’s patented liquid glass solution can replace glass in appliances, cars, windows and anywhere where glass surfaces are used, and serve as a monitor. The current round of funding was led by Lazarus Fund from the US. Gauzy previously raised $5 million from the UK investment fund Sollange Investments. Gauzy was founded in 2009 by CEO Eyal Peso and CTO Adrian Lofer and following the current round of funding intends to double its workforce.

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