Drinks On The House?! Israeli Smart Cup Earns You Free Beers

By Yonatan Sredni, NoCamels August 22, 2016 Comments

“A man’s got to believe in something,” comedian-actor W.C. Fields used to say. “I believe I’ll have another drink.”

Before downing another frosty beverage, consider raising a toast to a new smart beer glass that keeps track of your drinking – and could be a big money saver too.

The glass, from Tel Aviv-based startup Glassify, gives you discounts every time you order a cold one.

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After downloading the app, order your favorite beer and swipe the smart glass over your phone. The chip at the bottom acts like a barcode, and the discounts load onto your device – just be sure to swipe the code gently to avoid spilling beer on your screen.

Better memory than a bartender

The discounts received from Glassify are personalized based on what and where you’re drinking. The app also remembers what you ordered and will offer targeted discounts on your favorite drinks. The more drinks you order, the more offers you get.

“There’s always an incentive for users to scan their glass,” Ben Biron, CEO of Glassify said in an interview. “This could be anything from a free drink, chaser, or a food combo.”

As for bar owners, there are plenty of advantages for them as well. In one of Glassify’s pilot projects, customers were told that if they scan their glasses they’d get their second drink either 50 percent off or free. According to Biron, customers who usually only had one beer took the second one, and stayed for the third, or fourth, or fifth. Bars saw a significant increase in drink purchases because they gave the second one away for free or at half price.

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