Intel, The Floor Create FinTech Innovation Lab

By Yonatan Sredni May 30, 2016 Comments

intel-logoMay 30, 2016 | Global chip giant Intel announced yesterday that the company would create a fintech innovation lab in association with The Floor, a fintech hub based at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The undertaking is aimed at identifying and developing technological innovations to upend and advance the global financial industry. Some of the technological focus will be devoted to blockchain (the technology behind crypto-currency Bitcoin), the Internet of Things (IoT) and biometrics. Intel intends to demonstrate its own technology at the lab and search for ways to collaborate with the hub’s entrepreneurs.

The Floor is backed by the Pando Group, a Chinese-Israeli venture capital fund, and has partnerships with international banks such as HSBC, RBS, Santander and Intesa Sanpaolo. Earlier this month, Intel announced it would be closing part of its Jerusalem facility, and consolidate the workers in its Kiryat Gat plant. Intel is in the process of upgrading that facility as part of a $6 billion investment which includes significant government grants and tax breaks. As part of the deal, Intel vowed to increase employment at the facility by 1,000. The company says it has every intention to fulfill its obligations to the government.

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