Israeli Tech Acquisitions Reach Highest Level Yet, PwC Report Shows

By Anouk Lorie December 30, 2015 Comments

PwC Israel: High-Tech Companies Raised $196 In Q1December 30, 2015 | Today PwC released its ‘Israel 2015 Hi-Tech Exit Report,’ revealing that the total amount generated from acquisitions increased by 44 percent. Israeli companies raised $5 billion from 52 deals in 2014 compared to $7.2 billion from 62 deals in 2015. The report found that the increase was due to large multinationals eager to acquire innovative technologies. The report notes, “We have grown accustomed to the presence in Israel of global giants like Facebook, Apple, IBM, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel and more.” Compared to last year, the report recorded fewer IPOs, but noted that out of the 18 companies that went public in 2014, raising a total of $9.8 billion, Mobileye was responsible for $5.3 billion. The report also touched upon the Chinese interest in Israel, which it found to be very well publicized, but has yet to lead to a significant number acquisitions.

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