Supersonic’s $1.2B Merger With ironSource To Create Israel’s First Internet Behemoth

By David Shamah, The Times of Israel September 17, 2015 Comments

This article was first published on The Times of Israel and was re-posted with permission.

A merger between Israel-based digital delivery giant ironSource and Israeli-owned mobile ad firm Supersonic is set to form what may be Israel’s first Internet conglomerate.

The hookup, announced in July, will create a mobile ad and app behemoth that will reach over a billion users, based on the current reach of both companies — and not even accounting for the expansion the new entity is likely to experience as a result of the new products and services the companies plan to develop together.

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ironSource, a company that is not quite five years old, is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, with revenues said by analysts to be in excess of $300 million a year (the company does not issue financial data, as it is privately held). It partners with just about every tech and web giant there is, from Microsoft to Google to Yandex, the giant Russian search engine.

Over 100 million people per month use ironSource’s tech services, the company says, and industry experts believe that if it decided to go public, the valuation of ironSource would be pegged at over 1 billion dollars. The company employs over 600 people, most of them in Israel, with offices in the US, Europe, and China.

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The company’s most important brand, InstallCore, is a platform used by companies large and small to deliver software downloads to PC and mobile users, and is “an end-to-end platform solution for software installation delivery and monetization,” said Arnon Harish, general manager of InstallCore; the platform reaches over 450 million unique mobile users each month, and hosts more than 6 million downloads a day.

Supersonic, founded in 2008 in Tel Aviv by Israeli tech veterans Gil Shoham and Arik Czerniak, isn’t quite as big, but it is a world leader in mobile video advertising. It works with companies such as Adidas, Intel, Coca Cola, and many others.

Supersonic teams up with companies like ironSource to deliver ads that are displayed during the install process, as well as running video ad campaigns, opt-in promotions, and other programs for companies that make mobile apps and distribute them on mobile installation platforms like InstallCore.

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