App Of The Week: ‘GetYou’ – Can Others Guess Your Age And Profession Based On A Photo?

By Yuval Haimovits January 11, 2015 Comments

App Name: GetYou Available For: iOS & Android  Price: Free Developer: GetYou

The Promise: Discover how friends and strangers perceive you at first glance.

Most everyone is eager to know how society perceives them, and particularly how their looks and actions affect what others think about them. Who wouldn’t like to hear juicy inside information on themselves?

So, we publish status updates and photos on social media outlets with the hope of getting positive feedback from our family and friends, but can we really know if they are being completely honest with us?

The GetYou app wants you to better understand what people think of you. GetYou is a social game that let you guess your friends and your friends’ friends characteristics based on their looks alone. Sound a bit too shallow? Not so, because it’s actually a really interesting social experiment, and you’ll be surprised about what you are able to guess about others, and what others assume about you.

Our Experience:

After a short registration process, you’ll find yourself in the main screen of the app, choosing game card packs. After that, you’ll start to play. The app presents you someone’s photo, a personal question about them like “Where is ‘X’ from?” and five multiple choice answers (including the correct one). The most common questions you’ll be asked to answer are about the individual’s profession, their favorite music, relationship status, age, and origin. Sounds fun, right?

After you answer the short quiz, you’ll get the results, as well as the option to add the person as a contact. In addition, you get access to more detailed information regarding the individual like their expanded profile, what other people thought about them and first impression ‘keywords’ that appear in cute flying bubbles.

GetYou App Screenshot

But wait a second, what happened to finding out more about what other people think about you? As you complete more quizzes, people will start inspecting your appearance and guessing things about your life. Which is really fun, but in my opinion, the fun ends here.

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GetYou is a cute app, and you’ll probably find yourself playing it over and over again, especially the first 15 minutes. But will you continue to use this app? Is there any added value? I’m not sure.

There are some critical issues that need to be fixed, and not just minor glitches or an app crash – I’m talking about concept and content. For example, why are the default answers  so absurd and repetitive? Why can’t we choose the true as well as the wrong answers? The multiple choice asks if I’m from Israel (correct), Burkina Faso, Niger or the British Virgin Islands. While I suppose it is possible I’m from Burkina Faso, if you looked at my picture it’s likely you wouldn’t select that option. If you have my Facebook details, I expect smarter options, or to allow me to select the answers I think would be most relevant.

British Virgin Islands? For real?

British Virgin Islands? For real?

GetYou has a lot of potential, but for now doesn’t really fulfill its main goal of helping you “learn about yourself.” However, with a bit of content and data tuning, it could be a much better platform.

The Verdict

You can download GetYou for iOS and Android.

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