App Of The Week: ‘Clean’ – The App That Makes It Easy To Delete Old Photos

By Yuval Haimovits, NoCamels December 01, 2014 Comments

App Name: Clean Available for: iOS Devices Price: Free Developer: Yoovi Labs

The Promise
According to the company: “Too many photos on your phone? ‘Clean’ is simple and sweet. Swipe through your photos, decide which ones to keep, which ones to share, delete the rest. Deleted photos go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album in your photos app.”

Clean - Delete Photos from Your Camera Roll & Free Up Space

Our Experience
We take photos with our smartphones all the time. The cute moment when your puppy falls asleep, the amazing rainbow that graced the sky after a rainstorm or just a document to send your boss. Soon enough you’ll figure that your phone is packed with lots of photos, some of them are “Kodak moments”, but most are ripe for the trash bin. Until now, the only way to filter out the unwanted photos was to manually scroll through your photos, selecting the photos you want to delete, one by one. The Clean app creates a new experience out of this mundane task. It’s like Tinder (the dating app), only this time you’re getting rid of unwanted photos that take up tons of space on your phone.

It’s really simple to use – to delete photos you just need to swipe them to the bottom of the screen and to keep photos, swipe them up.


Our Thoughts
Clean is a really great idea for simplifying the banal task of deleting photos, something we all do. The user experience is simple and easy to understand. One disadvantage, however, is that you can’t go back to delete photos again until you’ve taken new ones. This is totally frustrating if you decide that there are more photos you want to delete from an old batch. Also, it’s not currently available for Android. But altogether this is a good free app that makes something terribly boring just a little easier.

The Verdict

We give this app 4 camels.

Photo by Andrew Fysh

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