Watch Kutiman’s Amazing New YouTube Mashup Single ‘Give It Up’

By Anouk Lorie, NoCamels September 17, 2014 Comments

Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman, has just released his new single, and it’s pretty mind-blowing. The Israeli musician, composer and animator, best known for “ThruYOU” – an online music video project, featuring a mixture of samples of YouTube videos – scours Youtube for musical treasures; kids playing piano, guitar lessons, anything he can find to create a song.

Give it Up, like his other songs, seamlessly weaves together these obscure clips, including a high school musical ensemble and a six-year-old girl playing the piano.

Of his creations, Kutiman, born in Jerusalem, said in 2009: “At first I took some drummers, before I had the idea about ThruYOU, I took some drummers from YouTube and I played on top of them, just for fun, you know. And then one day, just before I plugged my guitar to play on top of the drummer from YouTube, I thought to myself, you know, maybe I can find a bass and guitar and other players on YouTube to play with this drummer.”

Five years later and Kutiman is an internationally-renowned 21-century music-maker, with millions of fans and collaborations with big-name musicians, from Maroon 5 to Israel’s Karolina and Ester Rada. Give it Up, which already has 1.1 million views on YouTube, is the first single of Kutiman’s ThruYOU follow-up project, Thru You Too.

Watch the video below!

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