Can’t Find Your Glasses? LOOK Is The Smart Tracking Device That Will

By Maya Yarowsky, NoCamels September 03, 2014 Comments

Anyone who wears glasses knows the disaster of misplacing your specs. Not only do you spend hours frantically  turning over every single thing in your house, but you do so blindly because, without your glasses, you can’t see a thing.

If you know all to well what we’re talking about, then you will probably be happy to hear about the LOOK glasses locator. Launched as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that is hoping to raise $50,000, the tiny LOOK chip easily attaches to most any pair of glasses to help the user locate them with a Bluetooth-connected device. Created by CEO Dafna Ariely (the mom of the bestselling author of Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely) after she couldn’t find her own glasses, LOOK is the smallest attachable glasses locator that’s hoping to shake up the market.

You may be thinking to yourself—someone has to have thought of this already—but the truth is that LOOK is the first Bluetooth-connected and fashion-conscious glasses tracker that fits on the arm of most glasses. The user is able to track their glasses with an application that causes the chip to beep, informing the user when they are approaching the mystery location of their glasses. According to the creators, the chip is so light that it doesn’t add additional weight to the glasses, measuring only 35 mm long and 10 mm wide.

Inspired by the everyday predicaments we share

Many with glasses can most likely relate to the annoyance that drove Ariely to create LOOK together with CTO Shmuel Gan, “I looked for hours and couldn’t find them [my glasses]. The next day, I found them between the couch cushions. After all the time I spent and the long, frustrating experience of searching, I thought that if I had something to help me find my glasses, I could have avoided all the pressure and loss of time I experienced.”

LOOK-collageLOOK is currently selling the device on Indiegogo in four different styles, with each style available in five different colors, for $28 (if you’re shipping within the US), hoping to raise $50,000 by November 1st. However a few questions regarding the product have yet to be answered by company: does the device interfere with the fitting of eyeglasses? Does it make them less comfortable? And what does it mean to be wearing a Bluetooth chip for the entire day?

While these questions won’t be answered until the product is released in April 2014, one thing is certain—the Arielys are keen on saving time. With mother Dafna’s release of LOOK and son Dan’s scheduling and reminder app Timeful (currently available in an IPhone beta version), the Ariely’s have made it their unofficial mission to create technology that will save precious time wasted looking for glasses and remembering appointments for more important endeavors.

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