Top 10 Furry Innovations: When The ‘Startup Nation’ Turns Its Eyes To Pets

By Rachel Dinh, NoCamels August 03, 2014 Comments

If you’re a pet owner then you know that there is one universal truth: pets aren’t animals, they’re family! And Israelis are no exception, extending their technological life hacks to their furry, four-legged friends. From VIP treatment for flying pooches to high tech pooper-scoopers, check out these innovative pet-friendly products, born and bred by Israeli innovators, that will leave your tail wagging!

cat2seeCats are the kings of the pet jungle. At least that’s what Gilad Gelfand thinks, the developer of Cat2See, the newest feline innovation which keeps cats happily occupied at home. Designed to allow owners to play with, watch, and feed their cats remotely, Ca2See combines a robotic toy fishing line with a mobile/web controlled webcam and an automatic feeder. Cat2See also features a social network so fellow cat owners and lovers can connect with one another. The company has completed testing the game-webcam-feeder in 450 cat-loving Israeli households and plans to start manufacturing in early August. Cat2See expects to begin shipping in September, with pre-orders already coming in for this feline fun station from Canada, United States, Colombia, New Zealand, Brazil and more!

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petbnbSay goodbye to cages and kennels, and hello to Petbnb – the animal version of the popular lodgings service for travelers Airbnb. Petbnb is a service that pairs pet owners with caretakers who can watch their pets when they leave town. Petbnb, which includes full insurance coverage, is significantly cheaper than conventional boarding and allows owners to leave specific instructions for the care of their precious pooches. Petbnb also updates owners by sending them a picture of their pet every day! The site was recently named by “Forbes” as one of 25 Israeli startups to watch in 2014. Pet owners – it’s time to take that vacation you’ve been putting off.


AshPoopieThis novel pooper-scooper from Ramat Gan-based company Paulee Clean Tech gathers dog droppings and turns them into odorless, sterile powder within seconds. The Ashpoopie encloses the droppings, incinerates it, and you guessed it – turns it into ash! Despite its funky name, this eco-friendly invention aims to reduce landfill waste and plastic bags. Using a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the researchers behind Ashpoopie hope to develop human applications for their technology in the developing world, where people still lack access to indoor plumbing and sanitation services.

oggii-dog-chip-660x370This “24-hour wellness advisory tag” could be a life-saving chip for pooches the world over. Oggii alerts owners to possible health problems with their pet such as ticks, skin allergies, seizures, arthritis, poor joints, brain damage and even ear infections. With these ailments accounting for 30 percent of all visits to the vet, Oggii helps owners make better informed medical decisions with personalized recommendations for their beloved pets. Users receive action alerts like “diet” or “go to the vet” and can tap into a network of other dog owners and experts for further support and advice.


swiftoIf you work full time with and don’t have time to take Fido out for his daily walk, look no further. Swifto, the new mobile pet-walking marketplace developed by Israeli entrepreneur Penina First connects dog walkers with pet owners who want the best care for their furry, four-legged companions. Pet owners can choose walking schedules, interview potential handlers, and receive live updates about walk times and even track their dog’s walking route with GPS on their mobile devices. Headquartered in New York City, Swifto just received a $2.5 million investment from Benchmark Capital and now hopes to expand to Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago.

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dogtvWhen your dog barks at the TV, it may be because they are actually enjoying the programming. The observation that dogs may like TV too is what inspired the creation of the first network for canines, DogTV. The network functions as a 24/7 digital channel with dog-friendly programing scientifically developed to keep pooches stimulated, relaxed, and comforted while at home alone. Following years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to suit canine vision and hearing and support their natural behavior patterns. The experts behind DogTV say that ordering this channel for your pups can actually help prevent stress, separation anxiety and other related problems.


terminal4petsThis Israeli company offers a door-to-door VIP (Very Important Pet) courier service for pooches with plane tickets. Clients can have their dog accompanied on the flight by a professional animal attendant and, if desired, an in-flight veterinarian. A vet is also available to give pre-flight checkups and recommendations for a safer and easier trip. Terminal4Pets handles all kinds of pets and has arranged for stray dogs adopted by servicemen in Iraq to be flown to new homes in the US.

Dog Bio-Security System

bio-sensorCreated by Bio-Sense Technologies, the Dog Bio-Security System is a biometric alert sensor integrated into a special dog collar, analyzing a dog’s bark to determine if your pup is distressed, communicating with the neighbors or at ease. The computer-based system, which can be integrated into existing security systems like central control systems, home alarms, and CCTV monitoring systems, goes into operation the moment a dog starts to growl or bark. Alerts are sent to the dog owner’s phone to let them know of potential dangers or discomfort that their best friend may be facing. In addition, the collar is equipped with a GPS tracker that lets owners know when and where their dog wanders off too. With this collar, dogs can bid adieu to the mischievous fun they have while you’re away.


The Tasko team

The Tasko team

Launched in August 2013 by three Israeli entrepreneurs, Tasko is a website that serves as a comprehensive marketplace where users can look for accredited dog walkers and sitters. Alternatively, the site can also allows users to create personalized profile pages to advertise and offer their own dog sitting services. According to Tasko co-founder Tomer Dean is service is way more personalized than just an online marketplace, “We personally interview all hosts and hand-select the very best, who in turn create detailed personal profile pages, with pictures and residence information to give the dog owners a chance to get to know their pet hosts and develop trust.”Tasko is already operating in the greater Tel Aviv area and is planning a European launch in the coming months.



Based in Tel Aviv, Qruso creates smart ID tags, which can be hooked to pets to make sure they never get lost again! When anyone scans the tag either with a QR scanner or using a NFC code, a mobile app will fire up displaying the owner’s information, pet details, critical medical information, and an optional finder’s reward. The app will notify you with the GPS location of the finder of your pet, making it super easy to meet up and retrieve your lost pup. The tags, which cost only $25, do not require a battery and do not have a range limit, making them the perfect lost & found solution for your pet!

Photos: Thomas Hawk/ Cat2See/ Oggii/ Swifto/ DogTV/ Terminal4Pets/ Bio-Sense/ Tasko/ QRUSO

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