Meet The ‘Anti-Social’ Network That Helps You Avoid People You Don’t Like

By Sean Sade, NoCamels May 19, 2014 Comments

Ever experienced that awkward moment when you run into the one person you were desperately hoping to avoid? After having two such occurrences in one night, Udi Dagan, CEO and creator of Split, started looking for a solution. From his office in Jaffa, Dagan created an “anti-social” application that enables you to avoid unwanted encounters.

Dagan tells NoCamels that the constant presence of social networks means “people miss the days when you could be more socially selective.” He adds:  “We all have someone we want to avoid, whether it is bumping into your parents on a first date or your boss on a fake sick day.”

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Is the coast clear?

Split, which is a free app, provides you with five unique features: Real Time Alerts, Event Notifications, Danger Zone Pointers, Who’s There and Who With. If that’s not enough, the app also allows you to scan an area before you leave the house to make sure your non-friend isn’t there.

If the person does show up in the area, don’t panic, the app will even create an “escape route” for you to take.

The chink in the armor

However, since Split can only use willingly shared information, it cannot warn you of someone’s presence if they haven’t declared it publicly (for instance, using Facebook’s “Check-In” feature).

The app does not collect data that you don’t willingly share on a social network, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, users also have strict control of their privacy, meaning people cannot see they are using the app and their location is only displayed to the people avoiding them if they are within 300 meters of that person.

The app, which launched just over a month ago and is available on iOS and Android., works in any country, provided there is internet access, says Dagan. According to him, the average Split user choose between four to nine people they want to avoid.

The average person wants to avoid four to nine people

The company’s $1 million seed-funding round was raised from a group of private investors, including US billionaire Cristopher Burch (recently divorced from designer Tory Burch).

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