Mally Wants To Be The Waze Of Indoor Navigation

By ISRAEL21c December 02, 2013 Comments

While the Israeli app Waze is very good at helping you navigate the drive to a shopping mall, there is currently no great solution for finding your way once you’re inside. Frida Issa, 31, a computer engineer from Israel, developed Mally to enable people to navigate in a closed environment like a shopping mall or even a museum.

Shoppers download the app for free, and malls pay a setup and monthly fee. Store owners can upload deals and promos that they want to give to the shoppers, and Mally connects the dots.

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Instead of relying on extra beacons or expensive, battery-draining hardware, Mally uses computer vision to help you get around the unknown space indoors with your smartphone’s built-in camera.

“All the other companies in the mall environment are trying to use hardware. They are installing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi spots or audio devices,” Issa tells ISRAEL21c. “Our solution is hardware-free.

Once a 2D map of the indoor space is uploaded to Mally’s servers, a detailed 3D map is generated automatically for the shopper.

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