GreenIQ Will Save You Half Of The Water You Use In Your Garden

By Avner Meyrav, Translated from Feeder September 25, 2013 Comments

Watering your garden (for those lucky enough to have one) accounts for half of your water use, and most existing irrigation-monitoring systems aren’t able to adjust water-use to weather conditions.

The result: most people program their sprinkler systems according to what they think will be the hottest days of the year and therefore waste water when the weather turns out to be cooler.

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GreenIQ is a smart irrigation computer that connects to sprinkler systems and replaces the existing irrigation monitor. GreenIQ’s garden computer connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and receives weather updates regularly from the internet. This allows the system to increase the sprinklers’ activity on warm days, while on cooler, cloudier days, reducing it. On rainy days, the system simply shuts down the sprinklers.

GreenIQ’s claims its smart irrigation computer allows for up to 50 percent in irrigation water saving. Controlling the monitor is done using a specialized app for iOS or Android devices, and even PCs. The online services and apps are given to the user for free, and as an added bonus, it can also be used to automatically adjust garden lighting in accordance with natural light, as sunrise and sunset times are also fed into the app.

According to founder and CEO Odi Dahan, the product has passed its development stage and several prototypes are already operational at various private gardens in Israel. The product can be used both for private houses and apartment buildings. The entire system is controlled remotely, either by the home owner, the superintendent or the gardener.

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Via Feeder
Photo: Garden Irrigation System by Bigstock

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