Israeli Invention Will Cool Cyclists Off On A Hot Day

By Aya Ephrati, NoCamels July 03, 2013 Comments

Cycling can be a strenuous activity – especially during long rides in the summer heat. Two Israeli inventors now think they have the solution to the severe discomfort of overheated riding: Q-FOG. They describe their invention as the “world’s first spray device for cyclists, which attaches to the bicycle handlebar.”

As they explain on their Indiegogo page: “Cooling apparatuses for cyclers available on the market today are not the most comfortable and efficient. They have to be carried or worn on our bodies and this can create discomfort while riding. Q-FOG is a new and innovative, field proven cooling water sprayer that addresses the cyclist’s need for a minimalistic, comfortable and easy to use device.”

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“The idea of ​​Q-FOG was born on a particularly hot day,” Inventor Arik Bar Erez tells NoCamels. “I rode my bike, sweating, and suddenly I passed a house where the sprinklers were on. I knew immediately what needed to happen. I had to build a small device for bicycles that will provide the same pleasant and refreshing experience.”

“Until Q-FOG, the problem was that my inventions always remained in a drawer. I realized that the Q-FOG is too good of an idea to be left in the drawer, and began developing the product along with my partner today, Kobe Rain,” he continued.

Spray, cool off, repeat

The spraying device attaches to the bicycle handlebar and is activated by clicking on an operating handle, similar to a bike’s break handle. With every click, a fine mist of water is sprayed and clings to the cyclist’s clothes. Front wind then vaporizes the water drops and creates a cooling effect. Bar Erez and Rain claim that three or four clicks every few minutes are enough to completely moisten the cyclist’s torso.

Moreover, they say that the 100ml water bottle that feeds the device can last an average of two to three hours of ride time – and 300 sprays.

Today, the Q-FOG design engineering phase is completed and the device is ready for production in China. Unfortunately the two inventors have faced problems with fundraising.

“We met with Israeli investors, most of them liked the product, but some choose not to invest since they are not familiar with the bicycle market and the rest are just looking to invest in high-tech, so we chose to go on a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,”said Bar Erez.

Q-FOG is currently up for funding on Indiegogo with a goal of $70,000.

Photo: alobos Life

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