Israeli Company To Revamp Entebbe Airport Systems On ‘Operation Entebbe’ Anniversary

By NoCamels Team July 06, 2013 Comments

Thirty-seven years ago today, Israeli special-forces infiltrated the airport at Entebbe, Uganda, to rescue 100 Jewish and Israeli hostages, in what came to be called “Operation Entebbe.” Now, Israeli specialists are again going to the same airports, only this time as hired professionals that will set up the airport’s very first computerized maintenance and operating system.

The Israeli company, Tri-logical, has already got some experience working with other airports in Africa, so it came as no surprise that it won the project bid.

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“We welcome the opportunity that was given to the company to create this comprehensive project in Uganda,” said Tri-Logical CEO Erez Lorber. “There is great symbolism in the date that we plan to start the project.” This date coincides almost exactly with the date in which more than 100 IDF commandos secretly landed at the airport so many years ago.

Tri-Logical will install management, command, and control systems in the airport’s new terminal. The company’s software and hardware will be integrated into the existing systems to manage the airport’s resources. The project will encompass the personnel departments and the vehicles and equipment used by ground services.

Tri-Logical says these systems will improve the service in the field and increase safety and efficiency, while lowering maintenance and operational costs.

“The comprehensive solution we provide to airports contributes greatly to efficient management and quality of the most critical resources involved in operating an airport.” Explained Lorber. “This solution is required today more than ever, due to the significant increase in the amount of arrivals and departures happening in short periods.”

Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO

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