Israeli Startup Tawkon Launches Its Cellular Radiation Detection App In Japan

By NoCamels Team April 24, 2013 Comments

Although the possible danger of cellphone radiation has never been conclusively established, many people still claim to worry about it.

Israeli startup Tawkon, which gained a significant amount of traction with an application designed to measure the amount of radiation emitted from Android phones, is now launching an app intended for the Japanese market.

Tawkon’s app uses real-time information gathered by a smartphone to alert users when radiation levels are high, and also to identify radiation “hotspots”in their immediate area. When talking to NoCamels in 2011, the company said that its aim is to increase awareness of radiation as well as instruct on ways to decrease radiation, such as using an earpiece.

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Now the company is launching its app made solely for the Japanese market, as it believes the Japanese are particularly sensitive to issues related to radiation. Whether it’s the fallout from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, or the damages done to nuclear reactors in Fukushima in 2011, there are areas in Japan that still suffer the consequences of radiation on a daily basis.

“There are phones in Japan that actually measure the radiation around you, similar to a Geiger counter, however they don’t measure their own radiation,” CEO Gil Friedlander told The Next Web. “We see this as an opportunity to provide phone users that are concerned about ‘non-ionizing’ radiation – the kind that emits from your phone – with a means to monitor their exposure and change their habits accordingly.”

Aside from the original app in English and the Japanese version, Tawkon is also available in Russian and Hindu.

Photo: Tawkon

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