Electric Cars Can Run 1,000 Miles On Phinergy’s Batteries

By Tafline Laylin, Green Prophet April 09, 2013 Comments

People who own cars want to at least have the option of taking an extended road trip, which has been a major barrier to the success of electric vehicles to date. Limited driving range and long battery charging times are two challenges that EV industry leaders have been working furiously to overcome, and a company from Israel believes they have devised an acceptable solution.

Phinergy’s air batteries made up of 50 aluminum plates can give EVs a range of up to 1,000 miles, according to Gizmag, with each plate providing enough energy for 20 miles. Weighing a total of 55 pounds, this fuel cell could be used in tandem with existing lithium-ion batteries, according to the developers, but the technology is far from ideal.

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Gizmag notes that several companies have been trying to come up with mostly lithium-air batteries that have a longer range, in order to make electric vehicles more attractive to a wider audience.

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