‘Your Show’ Turns Your Facebook Feed Into An Entertainment Show

By Janko Roettgers, GigaOM March 04, 2013 Comments

Lots of startups have tried to take the videos your friends share on Facebook and turn them into some kind of social video programming, but no one has quite done it like Social Studios. The Los Angeles and Israel-based startup has teamed up with actress Noa Tishby  to actually produce an Entertainment Tonight-like show that features videos, status updates and photos from your Facebook timeline.

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Your Show, which launched Monday night, may not have the most compelling title, but the idea behind it is interesting: Social Studios CEO Anat Amibar told GigaOM Monday that she got the inspiration for the show when a colleague of hers bought a smart TV a little more than a year ago. They tried out the TV’s Facebook app and immediately thought that this concept can be done better. “Facebook on a smart TV is like an old mobile version of Facebook stretched to 55 inches,” Amibar said.

Check out the company’s video demo:

At the core of the company’s offering is a Facebook app that takes data from your news feed, mixes it with pre-produced segments featuring Tishby, and spits it out as a video lasting around seven minutes. Videos shared by your friends are teased, and Amibar told GigaOM that viewers always have an option to watch the entire clip, or jump to a post to dive in deeper.

She also said that the company has already recorded dozens of clips with Tishby to give the show a different look and feel every day, and added: “Of course, the content itself is different every day.”

As for Social Studios, Amibar told GigaOM that the company is already thinking about additional show formats, but she wouldn’t tell them what those will be about. She did reveal that her team is currently working on an iPad app, and that there are plans to bring the Your Show experience to smart TVs, possibly with help from outside partners.

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