The Samsung S4 Will Track Your Eyes With Israeli Technology, Reports Say

By Avner Meyrav, NoCamels March 11, 2013 Comments

As the smartphone market keeps getting more competitive, manufacturers are constantly trying to one-up each other with cutting-edge technologies. Apple tried to revolutionize the way we interact with our phones with Siri and now it’s Samsung’s turn. According to a report on the New York Times, the South Korean company’s next flagship phone, the S4 will have the ability to be controlled using eye gestures. Israeli technology blog Newsgeek reports that the technology behind this feature is Israeli.

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Umoove is an Israeli company which developed an algorithm that enables using even low-res cameras for eye and gesture tracking. New York Times’ Brian X. Chen reported that according to an unnamed source at Samsung, the S4 will have features such as eye-scrolling, which means the device will recognize when the user finishes reading a paragraph and automatically scroll down. Umoove has not commented on Newsgeeks’ report.

Umoove’s CEO Moti Krispil told Newsgeek earlier this year that his company was in talks with a major player in the mobile market, but refused to reveal which company. According to Chen, what strengthens this report is the fact that Samsung filed for trademarks on ‘Eye Scroll’ and ‘Eye Pause’ in Europe and the United States earlier this year. When tech website The Next Web contacted Samsung for a comment, a Samsung spokesperson said that the company doesn’t “comment on market rumors or speculation.”

The S4 is set to launch March 14th in New York City.

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