SmarTap: The Shower That Saves Time, Money And Energy

By Karin Kloosterman, Israel 21c March 24, 2013 Comments

Thinking about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit: This is how Asaf Shaltiel, the CEO of SmarTap, came up with the idea for an electronic “smart” showerhead that can talk with computers and smart home devices.

Soon to market his clean-tech product through two major manufacturers in Europe, Shaltiel says his new e-shower invention doesn’t only help hotel owners improve their bottom line while guests are washing theirs. It also helps quell the risk of Legionnaire’s disease, and offers a greener way to get clean.

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In essence, SmarTap gives new meaning to the expression “power shower.” Shaltiel explains: “My sister gave birth to twins and I noticed all the complicated logistics of taking care of them. The temperature had to be just right. So this idea of creating a smart shower device is because of my sister. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn on the shower and automatically fill the babies’ tub with 20 liters [five gallons] of water at 37 degrees C [98.6 F] exactly?”

Instead of using a thermometer and having to guess, Shaltiel’s sister could just press a preset button and the bath would be exactly right for her twins. “That’s how I began the company,” the father of a six-year-old tells ISRAEL21c.

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