World’s First Shipping Container Bridge Over Tel Aviv’s Trash Mountain

By Tafline Laylin, Green Prophet February 04, 2013 Comments

A new bridge called ECOntainer made from recycled shipping containers will render “trash mountain” unrecognizable to residents of Tel Aviv. The Hiriya landfill just outside of Tel Aviv shut down in 1998 after becoming the repository for 25 million tons of waste. More mountain than landfill, Hiriya has since been transformed into one of the world’s most successful reclamation projects.

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World's first bridge made from recycled containers

World’s first bridge made from recycled containers

Already the methane emitted from Hiriya is harvested to power a nearby factory and the surrounding area is being converted into an urban park that is safe for a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Now Yoav Messer Architects have won the Econtainer Bridge Competition, which may result in the construction of a bridge made of recycled shipping containers linking Arial Sharon Park with the main thoroughfare leading to Tel Aviv.

Each year, 800,000 maritime shipping containers are spit out into the world with nowhere to go. As a result, resourceful designers have frequently incorporated them into art and design projects. They are used for pop-up shops, for temporary restaurants, mobile eco-lodging and all sorts of other creative uses.

Panoramic views of southern Tel Aviv

Panoramic views of southern Tel Aviv

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Photos: Yoav Messer Architects

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