Israeli Company Puts Old Tires Back On The Road – As Asphalt

By Times of Israel February 26, 2013 Comments

Leave it to Israel to infuse high technology into something as prosaic as asphalt. A Negev company has developed a road asphalt compound that uses old tires for strength and safety, and is friendly to the environment to boot.

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The new compound, called RuBind, is already in use in Israel. Approved by the Israel Standards Institute last October, the compound was used to pave roads in the Beit She’an Valley that are particularly notorious for their accidents. Among the qualities of RuBind is its “rubberiness,” due to the bits and pieces of rubber mixed in with the asphalt, and as a result, cars have an easier time braking thanks to the higher friction that occurs when a car’s rubber tires meets the rubber on the road.

RuBind is based on recycled rubber tires that would otherwise have littered junk piles, or would have been burned, the company, Dimona Silica Industries (DSI), said. Because of the ubiquitous presence of old tires, the production process is cheap, and because rubber handles wear and tear far better than plain asphalt, the roads paved with the compound will be longer lasting, DSI said, with fewer potholes and gaps developing due to the impact of traffic.

Scientists from several countries have been evaluating the Israeli roads paved with RuBind, and now DSI has contracts to supply its special mix to companies paving roads in Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Italy, China, the US, and other countries.

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Via Times of Israel
Photo: DSI

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