Startup Groovideo Edits Group Videos Into Simple Films

By NoCamels Team July 08, 2012 Comments

Trying to put a birthday or wedding video together can be a fun but daunting task: Getting all your friends or family to agree on a theme; finding a suitable time  to film; fiddling with editing softwares etc.

Startup Groovideo recently released an application and web based service that allows you and your friends to simultaneously produce different clips for the same film in easy steps. You can upload all clips to the website or application and Groovideo edits them to combine all the segments into one final video.

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To make your video, all you have to do is choose who to add as contributors, select a song, pick the elements you want to include in the film and Groovideo’s automatic software then mashes it up into a neat and simple video.

Groovideo was founded by four Israelis; Roi Oron, Keren Yaniv, Ron Zohar and Guy Zisman.

In an interview with Israeli website Newsgeek Ron Zohar said that “the ideal target audience for the service is people and students aged between 20 and 25, as initial users. They are often located in different places, because people travel after their studies. We are starting with the US market, but our goal is to break into the rest of the world. It might be that the Japanese market will most love the karaoke feature we included in the application.”

Grouvideo is free and the web application is now available for all operating systems, and is native for iOS.

Zohar said that “It is possible to enjoy all the application’s features through the web platform, such as filming for a movie, editing a movie, and inviting others. Through the iPhone app it is only currently possible to join a movie that has already been started. The option to start a new movie through the mobile application will be available in the coming weeks.”

“Our goal is to become a platform that allows people to make movies, express themselves through video as a group, together with their friends. We are starting by helping people make birthday videos. Next we will help people make films for many other events.”

Zohar adds that the company is planning to expand its features beyond birthday videos and well-wishes. “Whether it’s music videos, in which everyone records their own dance and then the application automatically combines them into a longer clip that includes everyone, or comedy clips and advertising campaigns.”

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