BeeZee: Automated Phone Messages When You Can’t Answer

By NoCamels team July 29, 2012 Comments

Our smartphone follows us everywhere: to work, to the gym, even to the car. But that doesn’t mean that we must be enslaved to it, or that we aren’t allowed to break away for a few minutes from the phone calls and messages we receive when we are busy. That is the idea behind the new Israeli Android application BeeZee.

BeeZee allows you to send automated text messages to contacts who call while you are in a meeting, cannot interrupt a conversation, or are otherwise busy.

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How does it work? After installation, you can set a specific time period during which you will be unavailable to answer phone calls. Alternatively, you can specify the exact time you will become available again. You can then choose a message from various suggestions and options – such as “Sorry, cannot answer right now,” “driving” or “in a meeting,” – or write your own. This text will be sent automatically to the contact trying to reach you.

Another feature of the application allows your phone to send the automated notification even when your mobile device is unavailable for any reason. A further feature will allow you to update your Facebook or other social network profile, to let your friends know you will not be available to receive calls at a specific time.

BeeZee can be downloaded for free for Android version 2.0 or later users, and is expected to be released for iPhone soon.

Photo by Wade Morgen

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