Israeli Site Helps Americans Find Jobs

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Countless Americas are currently facing layoffs as unemployment rates stagnate. With more than 22 million Americans using social networks to find their most recent jobs, Ran Enoch has developed the Israeli startup JobsMiner to help Americans find jobs. serves as a job aggregator that is all-encompassing. The site uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to find hidden jobs which job seekers may not be aware of.

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Users can log-in to the site, select a location, a specified job and see all of the potential openings, all of which are taken from social networking sites. Enoch promises that the service will always be free to users.

JobsMiner is based out of Kiryat Ono, near Tel Aviv, and was launched in February. The company utilizes the technology of Makam, an Israeli company which has been reviewing social media for seven years to assist businesses which operate in the government, security and healthcare fields in both Israel and internationally.

“The reason that we chose to launch JobsMiner in the United States is due to the current economic climate of the country and because of our familiarity with the market there,” Enoch told The Huffington Post.

“What we realized is that company employees many times will post about a job opening on their social networks before it even appears on the company’s website or job board. JobsMiner gets this information out to a much wider circle of people in the quickest possible way,” he said.

Enoch plans to expand his company into the Spanish market after tackling the US. The service will also be available in Israel in the coming months.

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